First Post!

So this is my first post ever! I thought I would do kind of a “get to know me” type of post first. I have lived in Liberty, Kentucky my entire life, and most of you probably have no idea where that even is. It’s a small town with 3 stoplights and nothing to do, but it’s also a rural area with beautiful scenery. I am 23 years old and an Accountant. Some of you may have stereotypes of Accountants, but I am most definitely not boring. I love to talk and be outgoing and friendly with everyone I meet. My family & my church are a huge part of my life. I never enjoyed makeup or fashion until I started watching YouTube videos a couple of years ago. I love recreating my own looks and using other people’s style for inspiration. My goal for this blog is for it be something I enjoy doing and something you guys enjoy reading. I am completely new to this and open to any suggestions you guys might have! This blog will be outfit posts and ideas, makeup looks, and what I’m currently obsessing over at the moment. I could also do monthly favorites or product reviews for you guys if that’s something you would enjoy seeing. Please leave me any suggestions or questions you might have and links to your blogs so I can follow them! Thank you guys for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy my blog!



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