Summer Florals

Now that my “get to know me” post is out of the way, let’s get to the fashion! Here was my outfit for today. It is getting pretty hot where I live and I just had to wear something cool and breezy! I am totally in love with this floral button-up from Le Boutique Shop! I have had this baby for a while and have been dying to style it! I am a sucker for patterns and prints, especially florals, because they just scream summer to me! I would normally have never worn anything like this, but I’m branching out a lot with my style. My entire outfit basically revolved around styling this shirt. I went with a plain blue skirt, simple accessories, and a matching blue handbag. I also pulled out my favorite nude sandals to finish the look. All of the stuff I’m wearing can be easily found and recreated. I’ll put links to everything I’m wearing to make things a little easier for you guys! Oh, and by the way, Happy Friday!

Top: Le Boutique Shops (here) | Skirt: Charlotte Russe (option) | Shoes: Belk (here) | Blue Bracelet: SageKandCo: (option) | Pink Bracelet: Forever 21 (here) | Watch: Fossil (here) Handbag: JustFab (option) (option)

Please leave any comments or questions down below so I know what you guys are interested in seeing! Like I said before, I am completely open to suggestions from you all! By the way, my pictures will be better quality soon, just bear with me since all of this is new to me! Also, if you leave a comment and have your own blog, be sure to leave a link so I can check it out and follow you!


4 thoughts on “Summer Florals

  1. Kelly, I loved this post. You are definitely fashion savvy and have a folksy, clear method of writing. The outfit is so well-planned and suits you perfectly. My favorite part of the outfit…the shoes and bracelets! Keep up the entertaining blogs and know that your high intelligence factor is coming through loud and clear!


  2. Thank you so much for checking it out Patty! I appreciate the kind words as well. This is all so new to me and I wasn’t sure how it sounded, so thank for you letting me know! 🙂


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