Top 10 Lipsticks (Part 2)

Hey guys, thank you to everyone who checked out part 1 yesterday! Hopefully you found a shade you would like to try! Here’s part 2 and I promise there are shades other than pinky nudes. 😉 Most of these shades are on the darker side and ones I would rather wear in the fall, but that’s not to say you can’t branch out and wear them in the summer if you would like! Speaking of fall, I’m pretty much ready for it. Fall is by far my favorite season (for makeup and fashion) and as hot as it’s been, I’m ready for some cooler weather. But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy these last 5 shades I’m going to show you. These may be a little bold for some people, but I promise they look great if you just try them! 🙂

This is YSL Rouge Volupte No. 13 “Peach Passion”–This is the lightest shade in the bunch, but it’s more of a peachy pink. I love this shade to wear everyday as it is just gorgeous.. And I would be lying if I said the packaging didn’t have something to do with the reason I bought it. 😉 This is another shade that’s super easy to wear. The only downfall to this beauty is that it costs $34! I know it’s crazy to spend that much money on a lipstick, but I just had to have it, and I’m sure you guys know how that is! It is definitely a luxury, but I enjoy it a lot! You can pick this little baby up at Sephora (here).

This is Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in “Fiend”–This shade is similar to the “Naked” shade from Urban Decay that I posted yesterday, but it’s quite a bit darker. It’s not too dark though and still in that pinky range. I love this color when I’m feeling just a tad bit more bold, but don’t want to get too crazy. To me, when you put this shade on it just makes your makeup look so put together and like you tried really hard (even if you didn’t)! These lipsticks are $22, and I know that’s expensive for a lipstick, but if you’ve got the extra money you might want to check it out! You can pick it up at some department stores and also at Ulta (here) and Sephora (here).

This is “True Love’s Kiss” from MAC’s Maleficent Collection–This shade is a true red. I am not a huge fan of red lipstick, but I actually really love this lipstick! It’s not too daring, but it gives just the right amount of boldness to any makeup look. I normally don’t wear a bold lip if I wear a smokey eye, but I actually did that with this lipstick and I thought it looked really pretty. Since this was a collection item, I’m not sure if you can still find it or not. You may be able to find it at a MAC counter or a department store such as Macy’s or Nordstrom. I have found a couple of similar options for you though if you are wanting to try this shade out. MAC’s “Cockney” (here) and Buxom’s “Provocateur” (here).

This is MAC’s “Viva Glam I”–This shade is a red as well, but it’s a darker, more burgundy shade. This is a perfect shade for fall! I would probably have NEVER picked this shade out for myself, but I went to a MAC counter at Macy’s last year and the girl gave me this to try and I loved it. I don’t wear it super often, but I’m glad I have it. This is one of those lipstick shades where you would probably only want to do a simple eye look with your makeup and let the focus be on the lips. You can buy this at any MAC counter, some department stores, or get it online (here).

This is MAC’s “Rebel”–This lipstick shade is a cult favorite with a lot of people. This is definitely more on the plum side and I feel it looks darker on the lips than in the swatch on my hand. I absolutely love wearing this shade for fall! It’s a gorgeous color and I feel like it would suit a lot of skin tones. If you read other beauty blogs or watch beauty videos on YouTube then I’m sure you’ve probably seen someone raving about this lipstick. This is another one of those shades where you would probably just want to do minimal makeup on the rest of your face and eyes and let the focus be on your lips. But, if you felt like you wanted to rock a smokey eye with this lipstick then go for it! I would definitely recommend this shade to you if you feel like getting a little out of your comfort zone and trying something new! Again, you can pick this up at a department store, MAC counter, or get it online (here).

Well guys, there you have it, my top 10 lipsticks! I hope you found some you would like to try or maybe you’ve got some shades like this and have just forgotten about them and would like to start wearing them again. Share some of your favorites in the comments down below so the rest of us can try them out!

I think I’m going to get on a schedule of trying to post at least every other day (if not everyday sometimes). I really enjoy doing this and love sharing my thoughts with you guys. I’ll probably be doing a fashion post next (I’ll try alternating between fashion and beauty related posts). Thanks so much to everyone who has been checking it out and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! I hope you guys have an awesome Monday! 🙂


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