Top 5 Blushes

Hey guys, back with another beauty post! Sorry, it’s been several days, but I’m trying to get on a schedule. Today’s post will be about my top 5 blushes. Blush is probably one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to buying makeup… I think they are sooo pretty and I just have to get them! I don’t have like a crazy amount, but I do have quite a few so it was sort of difficult picking just 5 to show you… But these are the ones I wear the most and would definitely repurchase. I hope you enjoy! Have a great Monday everybody!

The first blush I have is NARS “Luster”–This blush is a peachy/apricot color. It is a subtle color that looks great with anything. I love wearing this color with any type of makeup look. This color looks great on fair/light skin, but it also looks great on tan skin as just a light wash of peach. NARS has a lot of beautiful blush colors, but this is my favorite. You can buy it at Sephora for $30 (here)


 The second blush I have is MAC Cosmetics “Warm Soul”–This is probably the blush that I wear the most out of all of these. It’s a gorgeous sheer pinky beige with a gold pearl sheen. This blush leaves a gorgeous glow on your cheeks and you don’t have to wear highlighter when you wear this blush. This is a beautiful color that you can definitely wear with anything. Whenever I don’t know which blush to wear this is the one I almost always choose. You can buy this at certain department stores, at a MAC counter, or online (here).


 This blush is Maybelline Master Hi-Light in “Deep Bronze”–This is a recent purchase but I love it so much it’s already a favorite. This is a beautiful pinky/bronze shade. This also has a gorgeous sheen that just makes your face look so glowy and healthy. This is another blush that I wear all the time. It’s really gotten a lot of use since I’ve purchased it. The best part is that it’s affordable and can be found at any drugstore. This is technically called a bronzer, but it’s so shimmery I would rather wear it on my cheeks as a blush. I would definitely recommend checking this blush out! If you have medium/tan skin then this would look gorgeous on you and if you have fair/light skin there is a lighter version of this shade called “Light Bronze” that might work better for you! As I said, you can get this at any drugstore and I’ve got a link for CVS Pharmacy (here).


This shade is MAC Cosmetics “Melba”–This is a peachy/coral shade. I love this shade with a smokey eye or even a natural makeup look. This shade can be sheered out and look very natural or it can be built up (like I have it here) and give you more noticeable color. As you can see, the peachy looking blushes are my favorite and I have a variation of them. They are just so versatile and easy to wear with any type of look. You can get this blush (here).


This is yet another blush from MAC Cosmetics called “Cantaloupe”–This shade is similar to “Melba” but it’s warmer and leans a little bit more on the orange side. This is just another shade that looks great with any type of makeup look. I wear this very often as well. This is another shade that looks great on fair skin or looks great on tan skin. I enjoy a bright pink blush as much as the next person, but these shades I’ve picked as favorites are something that the average person can wear on an everyday basis. I apologize for picking so many MAC blushes, but they are probably my favorite brand for blushes as a whole. You can get this blush (here).


That’s it for this post guys! I hope you all enjoyed checking out my favorite blushes and hopefully you found one you like! Leave your favorite blush shades down in the comments and maybe I can check them out and they’ll become a new favorite 🙂 I’m going to try to get on a schedule of posting 2 beauty posts and 2 fashion posts a week. I may also start making videos to go along with my beauty posts if I want to show you how to do a certain look. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing makeup tutorial videos from me 🙂 Thanks for reading guys!


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