Favorite MAC Eyeshadows

Hey guys, today was supposed to be a fashion post, but since the weather was horrible last night I had to make it a beauty post! Today’s post is going to be my favorite MAC eyeshadows. I do not think you have to pay $10-$15 for one single eyeshadow, but I honestly love these shadows and the vast color selection they have. There are lots of dupes (similar or exact colors, but cheaper) for MAC shadows that you can find if you just Google it. I’m sure there are hundreds thousands of blog posts about MAC shadows, but I thought I would just go ahead and give my favorites too. I’m going to put swatches and MAC’s description of the shadows with my own opinion of them. Happy Friday Eve Loves! ♥

Brule: Soft Creamy Beige–This is my FAVORITE brow bone highlight shade. This is just the perfect shade that’s not too light and it’s matte as well. I do not like putting shimmer under my brows, so this is the shade I pretty much always use.

Saddle: Golden Orange Brown–This is a great shade for the crease. If you have medium/tan skin then this is the perfect shade for you, if you have fair/light skin then “Soft Brown” would be a great shade for you. This shade is perfect for just putting some dimension to the eyes or for blending out darker colors. I don’t usually put shimmery colors in my crease either, so this is a great matte shade.

Nylon: Pale Gold w/ Ice Shimmer–This color is beautiful as an all over lid shade or in the inner corner of your eyes. This shade is shimmery and it gives your eyes a “wide awake” look and just brightens them instantly.

Naked Lunch: Minimal Pink w/ Shimmer–This is a pretty sheer pink color. This shade was hard to swatch, I had to go keep going back and getting more to build it up. This is a great color if you just want a very light and natural look on your lids.

All That Glitters: Beige w/ Gold Pearl–This is probably my favorite shade out of all of them. This is the first MAC shadow I ever bought and I’ve hit pan on it, but will definitely repurchase! This is a beautiful shade to put on the lid for a pretty and simple look. It’s a pretty pinky/peachy shade and looks great on everyone. If I could recommend one shadow, this would definitely be one! 🙂

Sable: Gold-plum w/ Bronze Pearl–This shade is a darker version of “All That Glitters” and they look great together! This shade is beautiful on the lid or I like to put “All That Glitters” all over the lid and then put “Sable” on the outer half of the lid and it’s really pretty!

Brown Script: Warm Chestnut Brown–This shade is similar to “Saddle” but a little darker and warmer. This is another matte shade so it looks great in the crease, or I like to blend in the outer v of my eye to just darken up any kind of eye look.

Swiss Chocolate: Muted Reddish Brown–This shade is another matte shade that looks great in the crease or just to darken up your look. This is a darker brown and leans cooler than “Saddle” or “Brown Script”.. I kind of feel like you can never have too many brown shades. I could do an eye look with just those brown shades and it would be beautiful. If you are going to have a big selection of any type of color, then brown would be it in my book.

Woodwinked: Warm Antique Gold–This is probably my second favorite shade in the bunch. This is a super unique shade in my book. It’s a gorgeous gold/bronze color. If you put this on the lid it will give you one look and if you put this through the crease it leans darker and looks like you’ve used a different color when you really haven’t. This is another shade I would highly recommend to you.

Amber Lights: Peachy-brown w/ Shimmer–This is another amazing shade for the lid. It’s shimmery and almost leans towards being an orangey type of shade. I love wearing this all over the lid and it always looks beautiful.

Coppering: Orange Copper–This is the most “colorful” shade I’ve shown you as the rest have pretty much been all neutral colors. This is a pretty shade on the lid when you want to add a little bit of color to your look.

Satin Taupe: Taupe w/ Silver Shimmer–This was the second shade I ever bought from MAC and it’s a cult favorite with beauty lovers everywhere. Everyone and their mother own this shade if they like MAC shadows. It’s an absolutely incredible shade and it looks great on the lid or anywhere really. I like to wear this on the lid when I want a smokier look, I like to put this shade in the outer v when I wear “Naked Lunch” on the lid, or I like to put it on the lower lash line to give the eyes a different type of look. This is another shade I would highly recommend as well.


I hope you guys enjoyed my favorite shadows and swatches! 🙂 Leave your favorite MAC shades in the comments or tell me which ones you would like to try. Friday will be a fashion post so come back and check it out! Be sure to follow my blog or my IG (on the sidebar) so you can be notified when I have a new post up. 🙂


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