B O L D & B R I G H T

Happy Friday everyone! I for one could not be happier that today is Friday because on Sunday I get to leave for Georgia.. YAY! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m pretty excited if you couldn’t tell! I probably won’t be posting much (if at all) while I’m gone, but I will make a huge post when I come back of all the outfits I wore while I was gone. I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures for you guys! But anyways, today’s outfit is great to just throw on and be super laidback. I LOVE these pink/peach/coral pants for summer. My family thinks I’m crazy and don’t like them, but they just don’t know about style I suppose! 😉 I have made this outfit SUPER simple by just pairing a plain white t and some sandals with it. As you can guess I definitely let the pants be my focus for today and wanted all of the attention on them (as if it wouldn’t be already). I love the look of this outfit, it’s a perfect vacation outfit actually. It’s just got a really beachy vibe to it in my book. I kept the whole look really relaxed with simple accessories, minimal makeup, and wavy hair. This is a perfect outfit for movies, shopping, lunch, etc. I wore this to work (some workplaces probably have a stricter dress code than mine) but there’s so many ways to style this. So here’s the pictures and as always links will be provided! 🙂

Shirt: Hollister (option) | Pants: Gap (option) (option) | Watch: Fossil (here) | Bracelet: SageKandCo (option) | Shoes: Can’t remember exactly (option) | Belt: Aeropostale (option)

I can’t thank you guys enough for checking out my blog, I appreciate it so much! I was so afraid to ever do it, but I just decided I was gonna go for it and I’m so glad I did! As I said earlier, I hope to at least post maybe once while I’m on vacation, but look forward to some gorgeous beach shots when I get back at least! 🙂


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