My Staple Clothing Item | Black Pants |

I am obsessed with black pants! I wear them at least once a week, I have about 4 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of leggings. I bought all of these pants like last fall and I just wear them all the time (even in the summer). You can wear them with pretty much ANYTHING and they are so easy to style. You can definitely dress them up or keep it casual. I have tons of (bad quality) pictures that I can show you of how I’ve styled them. I recommend everyone owning at least one pair of black pants. Like I said, I wear them in the spring and summer as well, but they are great for fall and winter especially. You just throw on your black pants, a big chunky sweater, boots and you’re good to go! They are so easy to style even if you aren’t very into fashion. They are just the perfect clothing item to me and I’m sure I will buy more pairs of them in the future. But, here are some ideas of ways you can style them! 🙂

Dressed Up


Dressed Down

I’ve linked some black pants for you just in case you wanna check some out! I only linked them from H&M, because that’s where I bought all of mine, but you can get black pants pretty much anywhere.. These are just some ideas!

Here | Here | Here | Here

I hope this gave you some ideas of how to wear your black pants if you have trouble thinking of ways to style them. & if you don’t own black pants, then I hope this persuaded you to go get you some girl! 🙂

I am so sorry I haven’t posted my August Favorites yet, but with the long weekend & family visiting I did not have time to take pictures & do swatches. I wanted to get something up for you so I posted this instead and my August Favorites will be up tomorrow, so come back for that! 🙂 Have a great Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “My Staple Clothing Item | Black Pants |

  1. I’m almost wearing black pants every day 😀
    Love it with the leather jacket !
    The red top looks also very pretty !
    Happy september 🙂 !


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