[Back in Black] *OOTD*

Hey guys, I haven’t shown an OOTD post in a while, so I wanted to share this one. You know a couple of posts ago I talked about my staple clothing item, which was black pants. A lot of times I like wearing pretty much all black together and this is one of those occasions. This is a super casual & laid back outfit, but it could also be considered dressy in my opinion. The black pants are simple, but the polka dots on the shirt dress the outfit up a bit. This type of outfit that has no bright colors is also a great transition into fall. I realize that wearing all black can get a little into the whole “goth” scene, and if that’s what you’re going for then that’s fine, but that’s not my intention here. The silver jewelry, polka dots, and red manicure help break up the black a little bit and just make the whole combo look very chic. Black is a very flattering color and I think it just looks really sophisticated. As I’ve said before, I personally like the way I look in a black ensemble. If you’ve wanted to wear black together and didn’t really know how, I hope this gives you an idea of how to put an outfit together. 🙂 Have a very Happy Friday guys!

Top: H&M (option) (option) (option) | Pants: H&M (here) | Shoes: H&M (option) (option) | Bracelets: Kate Spade (option) (option) SageKandCo (here) | Watch: Michael Kors ON SALE (here)

If you’ve read any of my posts before then you know I’m obsessed with fall and so ready for some cooler weather. I’ve got 4 (so far) posts about fall all written up for you guys to come at the end of the month that I’m super excited about!! Make sure to follow me so you can be notified when I have a new post! 🙂


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