Favorite Fall Lip Products

So I know what you’re thinking, this girl talks about dark lipstick ALL the time! & while that may be true, I have good reason for it today! I wanted to share my favorite fall lipsticks with you just to get you in the mood for those cool fall nights. I’ve got some vampy colors, but also some that are more wearable. Some of you may despise dark lipsticks and feel like you can’t wear them, but let me tell you, I think a dark skinned girl with dark lipstick is beautiful and I think a porcelain skinned girl with dark lipstick is beautiful. You just have to feel confident while you’re wearing it! I’ve got swatches on the back of my hand & also swatches on my lips just so you know exactly how it looks! Now that it’s officially fall I hope you enjoy this post and maybe you’ll be persuaded to go out and get you a dark lipstick to rock. Also, please leave me your favorite dark lipstick shades that I can try! 🙂

1. Yep, you guessed it, MAC “Rebel”–This is my go-to shade for fall (as if you didn’t already know that)! MAC describes this shade as a “midtonal cream plum” (whatever that means). It is a plum/burgundy shade for sure, but you can control how dark/light it gets by how you apply it. If I want to really have a noticeable dark lip then I will apply it straight from the tube (with NYX lip liner in “Burgundy” on first). If I just want a sheer version of the color, I will apply the same lip liner and then just use a lip brush. This shade is just gorgeous for fall and as I’ve said before, I love it with my dark hair!


Purchase Here

2. MAC “Viva Glam I”–Now I’ve talked about this shade before, but it’s honestly not something I would have ever gravitated toward online or at a MAC counter. I like red lipstick and all, but this kind of goes beyond that. MAC describes this shade as an “intense brownish blue-red.” I mean it is definitely a deep, rich red but you can tell there is brown in it as well. The first time I ever went to a MAC counter I was just browsing at lipsticks and I told the girl I wanted something kind of dark and she put this on me and I loved it, but didn’t feel like I could pull it off. As I’ve said before, you have to feel confident when wearing a dark lip or you’ll be second guessing yourself all day/night! This is just another shade that is stunning for fall.


Purchase Here

3. Wet n’ Wild “Cherry Bomb”–Now I bought this lipstick because it is supposed to be a dupe for MAC “Diva” which is described as an “intense reddish-burgundy.” From looking at tons of reviews and swatches, I do feel like they are pretty much spot-on, only the Wet n’ Wild shade is like waaayyyy cheaper. This shade is just another one of those burgundy/red shades and it looks beautiful for fall. You should definitely check this one out because you can’t beat the price! The only negative I have to say about this one is that it so matte that it’s pretty patchy when applied to the lips straight from the tube. I personally like to apply it with a lip brush (but I applied it straight from the tube in the swatch).


Purchase Here

4. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in “Shameless”–This shade is definitely a medium/dark purple shade. I’ve never owned a lipstick shade that was purple, but this is just a really gorgeous shade. I have found that I like to just kind of apply a little on my lips and then rub it in my fingers to sheer it out. While I could wear this by itself, I like to add Revlon “Fuchsia Finery” over top to add a glossy finish & a lighter purple to make it more wearable.


Purchase Here | Lip Gloss Purchase Here

5. Covergirl “Hot Passion”–This shade is not dark like the rest, but I still think a gorgeous hot red lipstick is perfect for fall. This shade is a bright, true red shade. I think it’s just beautiful & I love to rock it every now & then. I even think a red like this would look good with a smoky eye.. I usually keep eye makeup minimal with a dark lip, but this shade is not so dark that you couldn’t make a smoky eye look good with it.


Purchase Here

6. MAC “Goddess of the Sea”–This is a limited edition shade, but it’s also more of a purple tone. Fall/winter is when you get away with wearing shades like this if you aren’t comfortable wearing them any other time. This shade is more wearable than #4, but you can always sheer this one out as well or really pile it on for a deeper shade. I don’t have a dupe for this one, but any purple shade will work.


7. MAC “Mystical”–Unfortunately, this shade is also limited edition! 😦 But this is just a darker, warm pink shade that has a glossy sheen to it. It’s perfect for fall as it is super wearable, just a hint of darkness to it. Since this is Limited Edition, I’m not going to link anywhere to buy it from because it would way too expensive & not worth it. This Urban Decay “Fiend” shade is similar, so you may want to check it out if you like “Mystical.”



(Urban Decay) Purchase Here

8. Butter London LIPPY Moisture Matte Lipstick in “Old Blighty”–This shade is a new purchase and I’ve only worn it once, BUT it is stinkin’ gorgeous! This shade is THE perfect shade for fall. If you don’t like any of these others, then you should definitely try this one! It reminds me of leaves changing because it is just a stunning, burnt orange color. It is a little dark (which makes it perfect for fall) but completely wearable in my opinion. You should definitely check this out!


Purchase Here

9. Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in “Fig”–This is also a new purchase, but I LOVE IT! This is a perfect shade because it looks great for fall.. Not too dark, but just not dark enough that it looks gorgeous on the lips. I’ve had a lot of compliments on this shade just after wearing a couple of times. You should definitely check this one out!


Purchase Here

10. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “San Paulo”–This is just a muted pinky rose shade that looks pretty for fall. It’s matte and doesn’t feel too drying on the lips. It’s just a nice, lighter shade that you can wear if you don’t like to wear a dark lip. It’s also super cheap too, which is a plus!


Purchase Here

I also just wanted to swatch my favorite lip liners for my dark lipsticks. I didn’t describe them all separately because there a lot, but here’s some swatches on my arms of them. They are all super affordable! 🙂


In order from left to right: Mauve, Hot Red, Burgundy, Deep Red, Plum

NYX Lip Liners Purchase Here


Revlon Lip Liner in “Wine” Purchase Here


Ulta Contour Lip Liner in “Cocoa” Purchase Here

Those are pretty much my faves right now, as I said before, definitely let me know what shades you think I should try! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Lip Products

  1. I’m not trying to be rude, but someone needs to point out your not applying your lipstick right. You should use a no bleed or something. You’re going out of your lip area and while that may look good on some girls it just looks messy on your lips. Not trying to hurt your feelings. Just advice from a non biast stranger.


    • The only reason I even approved this comment is so I could reply back. First of all, even if I felt that way about someone’s lipstick I would never tell them that. It is rude. Second of all, I was in no way trying to be “neat” while applying those colors. My lips were already super chapped & red above my top lip anyway & applying all of those lipsticks made it worse. When I actually wear dark lipstick out in public I always wear a lip liner first. This was a quick post just meant to show my favorite colors rather than making them look perfect on my lips since I was applying them, taking a picture, and taking them right back off. But thank you for your concern over me having messy lips. 🙂


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