VESTed Interest


I don’t know about you, but I don’t own any vests (except the one I’m going to show you today). I’ve never been one to wear vests with any of my clothes or care about buying them. The oh-so-famous J. Crew Herringbone Vest has made an appearance on a ton of Instagram pages & blogs alike. I love the vest, but I didn’t wanna shell out $108 to own it, so I picked mine up at CoCo’s Chic Boutique for a steal ($65). I know that’s still a lot to pay for a vest, but it’s huge savings when compared to buying it from J. Crew and it looks just the same. There are a lot of other boutiques selling these vests now as well, so I’ll link all the ones I can find so you can keep your options open. They are selling out fast, so having one more than place to buy from might help you out. But anyways, this vest is really cute & it’s black/white so of course it’s going to pair well with almost anything, which is what you want when you spend a lot of money on one item. This is kind of where my title came into play, you have a vested interest in this clothing piece and you want to be able to get plenty of wear & tear out of it. Let me know if you own this vest or if you would buy one! Also, if you have a lot of vests let me know where you get them because I might have to look into buying more! 🙂 Happy Thursday!

I know this outfit combo is really simple & easy to recreate, but I thought it was super cute so I just wanted to share it with you! The post is mostly about the vest, but I liked the way I paired it for the first time! 🙂


Black Button Up: Can’t remember, but here’s one ($22.99) | Jeans: Aeropostale ($16.00) | Boots: Target ($39.99) | Necklace: Bib Jewelry ($11.95) | Vest: CoCo’s Chic Boutique (can’t find it anymore) — other vest options– ShopbellaC ($58.99) Mindy Mae’s Market ($64.99) Brina Box ($59.99) Meachy Lynn (not on site, email to reserve yours) ($68) Shop Twenty ($50.00)..This is a new boutique I was just told about and since their vests were cheaper than others I just had to add them to the list for you guys!


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