Burgundy + Black {Faux Leather}

Hey guys, so if you read my post about fall color trends then you know I’m obsessed with burgundy/wine colors. I have been lusting over these burgundy faux leather pants from H&M for quite some time & I finally just took the plunge & ordered those babies! I am so happy I did because I am freakin’ obsessed with these pants! If you’ve never worn any faux leather because you’re too scared, then you need to step out of your comfort zone & try some. I paired these pants with just a black sweater, black biker boots, and my new burgundy fedora. This look is so comfortable & casual. It’s super simple to recreate and looks great in my opinion. I really love this outfit and just had to share with you guys! Let me know if you like to rock the “faux leather” look or if it’s too much for you!

I really wanted to try out the look with my black faux leather jacket too. I like both of these looks a lot! The leather pants AND leather jacket together may be too much for an everyday occasion, but I think it would be fun for a girl’s night out or something! 🙂

Also, I apologize for how dark the pictures look! I thought you would be able to see them better, but I lightened them the best I could.. Hopefully you can still see everything pretty well though!

Sweater: H&M here or here | Pants: H&M (on sale) | Shoes: H&M | Hat: Target | Jacket: Forever 21 (they have several styles, but I just linked one)

Let me know which of these outfit pairings you liked the best! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Burgundy + Black {Faux Leather}

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