10 Under $10 (Jewelry Edition)

I really liked my 5 under $5 makeup post, so I thought I would incorporate jewelry into the idea & do a 10 under $10. I could have just included super cheap stuff from Forever 21 (which there are a few items from there) but I wanted to pick things that were of good quality. I love Forever 21 jewelry, but a lot of it leaves green on my skin after wearing (especially rings) so I didn’t want to include a lot from there just in case you have the same problem. But I hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know if you would buy any of this stuff! 🙂

1. Bib Jewelry Merliot Gems Necklace ($6.95)–I know I’ve mentioned this store a lot, but I seriously think you should check them out if you haven’t already. They have TONS of jewelry that is very reasonably priced and everything I’ve purchased so far has been good quality. & I think this necklace is super pretty & for it to be under $10 is a steal!

2. Bib Jewelry MC Glass Leaves Collar “Clear” ($7.95)–This is just a really nice simple necklace to have in your collection. It would go with anything & it’s super affordable, so that’s a major plus as well.

3. Bib Jewelry Pearl Cluster Necklace ($8.95)–I think this necklace is stunning because I love pearls.. They are so classic & timeless. This would just go perfectly with so many different outfit combos.

4. Bib Jewelry MC Crystal Metal Spike Stretchy Bracelet ($5.95)–I wear this almost on a daily basis. Anytime I’m wearing gold accessories, I always have this on. It’s really simple, but super cute at the same time.

5. Bib Jewelry Crystal Cluster Bracelet ($6.95)–This bracelet is just a nice addition to any other accessories you have. It’s simple enough to dress down or glam enough to dress up.

6. SageKandCo Neon beaded Pave Stretch Bracelet– Hot Summer Colors ($3.00 each)–These bracelets are really cute and super cheap! You can get them in 5 different colors that are all perfect for summer as they are neon.. But who says you can’t rock neon accessories in the fall/winter? 🙂

7. Forever 21 Knotted Statement Necklace ($6.80)–I think this necklace is really cool & would look great as a statement necklace. It would pair up nicely with denim shirts or anything with a collar I believe.

8. Forever 21 Curb Chain Bib Necklace ($7.80)–This is another necklace that I think would look really nice with a collared shirt. It’s fairly simple, but would definitely spice up any outfit.

9. Forever 21 Chain-Link Stretch Bracelet ($5.80)–This is a simple bracelet, but I think it’s really pretty. I don’t have much silver jewelry (I don’t feel like many stores sell silver) and this is perfect to go with your other silver jewelry. It’s just a classic piece that would go with anything.

10. Forever 21 Braided Chain Bracelet ($6.80)–Here’s one more piece of silver jewelry for you (it’s available in gold as well though). I really like to have a lot of arm candy on most days & this would be the perfect addition to any of my other bracelets.

**These pictures are not mine, they came from the websites they are found on.**


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