How to Style a Blanket Scarf

If you guys are avid fashion bloggers (or readers) or you follow any fashionistas on Instagram, then I’m sure you have seen probably a hundred thousand posts or photos of blanket scarves. I’ll be honest, before a few weeks ago I really didn’t even know what a blanket scarf was.. :O But after seeing so many awesome ladies styling them, I just knew I had to have some! I bought a couple of them and I am in LOVE. These scarves are so stylish and very warm/comfortable. I’ve told you before I’m not really a “scarf person” but these are just amazing.. There’s no way I could pass them up! Tons of stores have these things now because they are selling like hotcakes! I’ll link a few below for you just in case you decide you need one (or two) in your life. Let me know how you style your blanket scarves if you have some or let me know if you would purchase one!

1. The Plaid Blanket Scarf

This scarf is definitely my favorite & the one I’ve seen people rocking the most. I think it’s just gorgeous and so easy to style. I decided to just pair it with black pants, a white v neck tee, a cream/beige oversized cardigan, brown fedora, and my beloved boots from Target. This look is really casual, but I like how you could wear it out pretty much anywhere. Even though it’s simple, it’s really cute! I wasn’t going to add the fedora to this look, but I really LOVE the way it looks with this scarf.. It just adds a little something extra.

2. Double Time Blanket Scarf (Red Side)

For this look I went with my red pants, black ankle booties, a black button up, and my black fedora. I love the red pants with this look for a pop of color and I think it would be really cute to wear for dressier occasions.

3. Double Time Blanket Scarf (Black/White Side)

For this side of the scarf I decided to wear black pants, red rain boots, a plain white long sleeve t, and my new vest with it! I’m really excited about how cute this combo is as well. The scarf matches up with the vest pretty well so they go great together. This could have easily been just a black & white look, but the red rain boots add some color and are a fun addition. I also threw in the black fedora for this look as well, just because I can’t get enough of it lol.

I’ve linked several different colors of these scarves & several places to get them.. | Target: 1 2 (on sale) – 3 | Brina Box: (got mine from here) Plaid Scarf & Reversible Scarf | Ebay: Lots of color options ..very cheap, seller has great reviews, ships from China |

Any of these looks would be perfect to wear for movies, out to eat, shopping, school, work (if there’s no strict dress code), etc. I love all of these looks so much! I’m pretty excited to rock all of these during the fall/winter months. Obviously when it gets colder outside, the layers will have to change a bit, but these scarves are PERFECT for cold weather as they are really big & warm.

As I’ve told you guys before, you don’t have to dress up everyday to look nice. These simple looks are great.. & comfortable, which is a major plus. Let me know which look you would rock! 🙂 Thanks for reading! Have a Happy Thursday!


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