Splurge vs. Save (Boot Edition)

Guys, I have been on a major boot kick lately! I cannot seem to stop shopping for them & looking at them! I have lots of pairs of boots, but I feel like I need them in so many different colors and styles. I’ve rounded up a few designer boots and found affordable ones that are similar for you. I’m going to show you pictures comparing them & of course show you the price. You can decide if it’s worth it to splurge on the designer pair or save on the affordable dupes! I know there are bloggers out there who do these types of posts, but let me know if this is a series you would maybe like to see me do once a month or something. 🙂

Steve Madden Raspy Boots ($139.95) vs. Target Susan Heeled Bootie ($37.99)

The Steve Madden boots are on sale at the moment for $99.98. I honestly cannot tell anything different at all about these boots. They look exactly the same to me & I personally would not be able to tell the difference if they were both in front of me. So you tell me, splurge or save?

Hunter Gloss Rain Boots ($158.00) vs. Target Classic Knee High Rain Boots ($39.99)

Hunter Rain Boots are definitely a popular boot. They are all over Instagram and blogs. There are some differences between these boots, such as the adjustable strap on the top of the Hunter boots. Also, the Hunter boots have the logo on the front top whereas the Target boots are plain. Both pairs are glossy and seem like they have a similar bottom. All in all, I think the Target rain boots are a great dupe for the more expensive Hunter ones, but you tell me, splurge or save?

Rag & Bone Harrow Leather Boot ($525.00) vs. American Eagle Scarlett Block Heel Boot ($59.00) (from Payless)

The shoes from Payless are on sale at the moment for $29.99. These boots look SUPER similar to each other.. The strap on the side looks differently and the ones from Payless have gold snap accents whereas the Rag & Bone ones have a silver pushpin closure. Really, other than that these shoes look just alike to me. They both have a 3-inch block heel as well. This one is a HUGE price difference. So you tell me, splurge or save?

L.L. Bean Tumbled Leather Boots ($199.00) vs. Old Navy Snow Boots ($49.94)

These boots are not exactly the same, but they are very similar. The L.L. Bean boots are longer and look they would hold up in the snow better than the Old Navy ones, but if you’re looking for a cheaper version then the Old Navy ones look pretty good to me. The color schemes are different as well if that’s something that you care about. All in all though, I think these boots are similar enough that you wouldn’t need to buy both pairs, so splurge or save?



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