Game Day Look

Hey guys! I’ve got a different type of post for you today. I’ve never mentioned this, but I LOVE sports! Let me know your favorite sports teams down below & which sport is your favorite. I decided it might be fun to show you an example of something I would wear for game day. I’m talking all about some baseball today! I live in Kentucky and we don’t have a baseball team, so the Cincinnati Reds are my favorite since they are pretty close by. I also really like the whole red/black color scheme because I think that combo works well on me. But anyways, I’ve got an outfit paired up for you that would be fun to wear to a game or wherever you’re at to show support for your favorite team! & this outfit is geared more toward chilly weather with the hat & scarf combo. Let me know what you think about it in the comments! 🙂

I just went pretty simple with the look so it would be easy to recreate for whatever colors your favorite team are! I just did a basic black sweater with red pants & black boots, and also added in this scarf to tie the whole look together. You can’t go wrong with some earrings that support your team either! & can we just take a minute to appreciate how cute this hat is? I’m not really a “cap” kind of girl, but this hat is perfect for cold weather & it’s got a festive theme for the season on it & I love the pom-pom on top! Who said you couldn’t be fashionable AND sporty?

Hat: Fanatics | Top: Old Navy | Pants: H&M | Boots: Belk | Scarf: Brina Box | Earrings: Rally House

You can check out more awesome hats of your favorite teams here –> MLB Hats

Fanatics definitely has whatever you’re looking for to support your favorite teams! They’ve got you covered with hats, clothes, accessories, bags, décor, etc. & it’s all really affordable as well! If you are in need of somewhere to shop for your game day essentials, you should definitely check them out!


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