Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Hello lovelies! I am so sorry I have barely posted anything for a week.. I hate that it’s basically always dark when I get home from work & I can’t do any type of OOTD pictures so I have been a little uninspired lately.. But we are in the holiday season so I’m going to try & post some holiday related things for you! I think ugly Christmas sweater parties are soooo fun!! I love shopping for them (& you can always make them as well). We had a party at my workplace 2 years ago & I wore a sweater my aunt had made for her party (although it was a dress on me) & it was so fun. This year we are having another one, but instead of making one, I just bought one that isn’t necessarily ugly, but I wouldn’t really wear it out in public either lol. So I’ve linked some awesome ugly Christmas sweaters just in case you are going to a party or just wanna wear one for the holidays! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Here is a picture of me in my sweater from a couple of years ago!

The best place I have found to get tacky sweaters is because they have tons to choose from! <–I got mine from there too, but unfortunately I didn’t see it on the site, so it must be sold out! But I will post a picture after my party on Friday so you can see what it looked like! 🙂


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