Eye Makeup Brushes 101

So today’s post is not what I said it was going to be… My mom got really sick last night & couldn’t take my outfit pictures so I just went ahead & did this one. I still want to do a couple of holiday posts, but if you guys think it’s too late I won’t. But if you would want to see a Holiday Party Look post & Christmas Outfit Ideas post let me know & I’ll definitely do them! 🙂

If you caught my Face Makeup Brushes 101 post, then this is kind of part 2! In that post I listed some essential brushes I think everyone needs in their collection for the face, & obviously in this post I’m talking all about eye brushes! In my last post I mentioned that you don’t have to go out & spend $30-$40 on a brush, there are plenty of great quality cheaper alternatives out there. Most of my brushes for the eyes are actually from Coastal Scents & E.L.F. Cosmetics so I can tell you with confidence that I really enjoy them & they get the job done. But I’m going to link a few other places as well so you have plenty of options for whatever your budget may be.

Before I really got into makeup I always just used sponge applicators or my fingers to put my eye shadow on (which is fine) but you just get such a cleaner & prettier look when you use brushes. I understand that maybe some people can’t afford brushes, but some of these that I have linked are seriously $1 and they work great! Most of my eye brushes are all under $5 so that’s a steal!

& like my last post, I didn’t put pictures of all the brushes, just a couple so that you could see what I was talking about.


1. Flat Brush–A brush like this is perfect for packing color onto your lid. I have about 7 or 8 of these all from E.L.F. & they work great! Here are some options for you: Coastal Scents Classic Shadow Medium | E.L.F. Essential Eye Shadow Brush | Sigma E55 Eye Shading


2. Blending Brush–Now I have 2 types of blending brushes that I like. The ones with black hair for just putting on a light transition shade or for blending out the crease, and the white haired ones for packing on dark color & blending it out. You don’t necessarily need both, but I think it’s important to have at least 2 blending brushes so you can blend out your colors when the other one gets too dirty while you’re doing your makeup. Here are some of my favorites: Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff | Coastal Scents Classic Blender | Sigma E25 Blending | Sigma E35 Tapered Blending | Sigma E40 Tapered Blending


3. Large Fluff Brush–This type of brush is something I like for putting eye shadow under my brow bone. This is not really essential, but it’s nice to have if you have a little extra money. Here are some good ones: Coastal Scents Classic Eye Shadow Large | Sigma E50 Large Fluff | Sigma E52 Soft Focus Shader


4. Pencil Brush–A brush like this is perfect for darkening your outer v because it’s such a small brush that you can just add a little color at a time. This kind of brush also works great for putting eye shadow on your lower lash line. These are some great ones: Sigma E30 Pencil | Makeup Geek Pencil Brush | Crown Brush Pencil

**These pictures all came from Google**


5 thoughts on “Eye Makeup Brushes 101

    • Aw thanks so much! She’s actually going through cancer treatments at the moment, but I think this may be a virus & not anything related to the treatments.. But thank you so much for the kind words! & yes, I agree! I love my makeup brushes lol! 🙂 xo


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