How To: Dye Your Hair At Home

Hey guys! This post is a little different for me… I dyed my friend’s hair Friday night and we wanted to show you the process. I’ve never done this to myself or anyone else at home, but it was super easy to do & I wanted to let you know what you need just in case you wanna save a little money!

Most of you probably already dye your hair at home or know all about it, but just in case you don’t, I decided to do a post anyway. I think her hair turned out great & she loved it, so that’s the main thing lol! I’ve personally never dyed my hair at home because my hair stylist doesn’t charge very much to do it professionally so I’m ok with going there to get it done. BUT if I wanted to save a little money, I would be pretty confident with doing it myself now.

**I feel like I need to say that I am by no means a hair dresser so this may not work for your hair. If you’re afraid to do it, then you should probably talk to a hair dresser first.**

Here’s what you need: *Everything was purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply*

Hair Color — Obviously this is your preference — If you have short/medium hair I would say 1 bottle is good enough, but if you have long hair I would definitely pick up 2 bottles.

Developer — You need a bottle of this (big or small) and you use equal parts. (Ex: if you use 4 oz. of hair dye, you would use 4 oz. of developer)

Bottle/Bowl — We used a bottle to pour everything in & shake it up. The bottle was easy to use because it had a tiny hole & you didn’t have to worry about too much coming out at once. I’ve also seen people use bowls to mix the product & then get some kind of small brush to distribute the product onto the hair. This is totally your preference.

Old clothes/towels — Obviously you don’t want to stain your good clothes or any good towels during this process.

Gloves — A simple pair of gloves will do for this part. You will be doing a lot of rubbing & scrunching of the hair to make sure the product is evenly distributed, so gloves are a must!

Optional: Music, TV, or someone to talk to so you don’t get bored! 😉

Step 1: Put on your old clothes & put an old towel around your neck.

Step 2: Put on your gloves.

Step 3: Mix up the hair dye & developer. Shake REALLY well! You need to really shake it up and you’ll be able to tell if it’s all mixed together or not.

Step 4: Section off the hair.

Step 5: Begin squirting (or brushing) product onto your hair a little at a time. Put some in your gloves too and just rub it all over the hair. Little sections are good to start off with so you know you’re getting the product on there.


^Continue doing this process in sections using only enough product to coat the hair.

Step 6: Scrunch & rub the product into the scalp, around the hairline, ears, neck, etc. to make sure EVERY little piece of hair is covered with dye.

Step 7: With whatever is left (if any is) just start squirting more onto your head & rubbing it in until everything is really damp & coated. You want to make sure the whole head is covered evenly.

Step 8: When you feel like you’ve got your head pretty well covered & damp, grab a mirror or ask someone to check if they can see any dry or uncovered spots.

Step 9: Leave it on for about 25-30 minutes (your bottle should tell you how long). When I did my friend’s she had a lot of hair so the whole process took about an hour total. She only left the product on for an additional 5-10 minutes just to let it all soak in once I got done.

Step 10: Rinse out the product. Some people don’t use shampoo, but my friend used that & conditioner & everything turned out fine.

Step 11: We let her hair air dry like 95% of the way and just used a blow-dryer for about 2-3 minutes to make sure the whole head was dry.

That’s pretty much it! It’s really easy to do, although I think I would personally want someone else there to help me rather than me just doing it myself. Let me know if you guys dye your own hair or if you’re too scared! 🙂


7 thoughts on “How To: Dye Your Hair At Home

    • I know, right? I had never done it before on myself or someone else, but it was so simple! I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do that now (unless it’s some kind of complicated color lol). Thanks for reading! 🙂 xo


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