Erin Condren Life Planner vs. Kate Spade Planner

Hi guys! I have these two planners that I want to compare & review for you today. If you are like me, then you have to be organized about EVERYTHING or you will lose your mind lol. I do not need two planners to stay organized, but I had the Kate Spade one already & then saw the Erin Condren one and had to have it as well. At the moment, I’m using one for work purposes and the other for blogging/personal purposes. I’m going to give you some info & a few pictures and then at the end tell you which one I like best. Let me know if you have either of these (or what type of planner you like to use). Hope you enjoy.. Happy Monday! 🙂

Kate Spade Agenda:

This planner is the first one I bought.. & well, it was mostly just because I became obsessed with Kate Spade. I think it’s super cute and it has a lot of nice things about it. It’s got a cute cover (you could choose from several), it’s got pink inside, a front & back folder, calendars for each month, things you can write down for each day, and a cute quote at the beginning of the every month. It also has several pages for notes at the beginning. It’s just a simple planner that has basically everything you would ever need. You can get a medium sized planner or a large one. I chose the large one and the price was $36. This is currently the one I’m using for work stuff: meetings, things to do, etc. This is a great planner, but if you are a super busy or detailed person then this may not be detailed enough for you. This is the only one I could find online.




Erin Condren Life Planner:

The main difference between these two planners is that Kate Spade doesn’t specialize in planners and Erin Condren does. There are TONS of options on the Erin Condren website regarding your planner. You can choose from a bunch of covers or even create your own. You can add your name, you can buy stickers, pens, and other accessories to go along with it. This planner is really detailed as well. You have notes pages, calendar for each month, a front & back folder, cute colors, and quotes at the top of the page for the month. Also, your days are split into “morning, day, night” so you can be really detailed about your plans everyday. There really aren’t a lot of differences between these planners except for all of the extra stuff you can get with this one and that it’s more detailed on certain things. It also comes with a ruler, which is handy. This planner is $50 though, so that may be a bit pricey for people to spend on a planner. This is the one I’m using for my personal life & blogging schedule. It’s not necessary for me to own both of these, so if I had to choose I would pick the Erin Condren one just because of all the cute things to can get to go with it. Purchase here.




So now that you’ve seen pictures of each one and know what they contain, which one would you pick? Or would you pick neither? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Erin Condren Life Planner vs. Kate Spade Planner

    • Haha! Yes, you can choose both lol. 😉 I really do like them both, but I don’t NEED both haha. But I’m going to use them since I have them! They are both so pretty, but I do like the Erin one just because you can get so many things with it. Thanks for reading! 🙂 xo

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      • You’re so welcome Kelly, I really enjoyed reading about them both! Yes, the Erin sounds a great choice, I’m starting to sway towards that one simply (like you say) because of the options!! Brill post, you’ve made me want to rush out and buy a new planner now! lol X


  1. I love the Kate Spade one because of the weekly layout. I can’t fit my writing in the columns of the EC one. Right now I’m using custom inserts from etsy in a Filofax.


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