Watch Collection

I am in love obsessed with watches. I NEVER used to wear them, but in the past 2-3 years I have bought several & I love them. For me, it’s mostly about wearing them for style & not necessarily to tell time. I know that’s crazy, but it’s just how I feel about it. Almost all of these watches were bought because I had some kind of coupon code so I didn’t really pay full price on any of them probably. Most of the ones I have are from Fossil & Michael Kors. Let me know where you like to buy your watches & maybe I can check it out!  Let me know if you’re just as obsessed as I am with watches, or if you think I’m crazy. 😉

Some of the watches are not available anymore unfortunately, but I tried to link something that was at least similar.

Michael Kors Women’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch ($225) —similar optionThis is one of my favorite watches that I own. It’s so classy & pretty and just goes with anything. When I dress up with silver jewelry, this is always the watch I wear.

Michael Kors Mid-Size Alabaster Acetate and Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Runway Twist Chronograph Watch ($195)–similar optionThis watch is very different as it has the “twist” style to it so I like to wear this a lot too. It’s gorgeous & goes with anything as well.

Michael Kors Women’s Oversized Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Runway Three-Hand Logo Watch ($225)–hereThis watch is the most recent one I have purchased & it is my absolute favorite! I am obsessed with the oversized watches now and this one is gorgeous. I love how big it is & I literally wear this one almost everyday now that I have it. It is so simple, but classic & goes perfectly with anything.

Fossil Stella Multifunction Resin Watch – White ($95)–here This watch is really great to wear when I’m just dressing casually or relaxed. It goes with a lot of different looks, but it is just really simple so I like to pair it with outfits that are really laid back.

Fossil Stella Multifunction Resin Watch – Tort with Gold-Tone ($115)–here— This watch is also one of my absolute favorites! Before I ever had a gold watch, I wore this one a lot & loved it. It’s got gold, brown, and black so it matches a lot of different outfit combos (which is great).

Fossil Ladies Mid size Round Silver Bracelet ($95)–hereThis was the first “nice” watch I ever purchased. I wore this thing like crazy for a long time, but then I started buying other watches & this one has kind of gotten thrown to the side. I still think it’s beautiful, but it’s just too small for me most days. I need to start wearing it more though.

Fossil Small Gold Watch–similar option This one was a gift & I unfortunately can’t really find anything like it. I don’t know what it’s called or anything, so this one that I have linked is the closest I could find. This is the only “dainty” watch I have, but it’s a really nice addition to my collection. I like to wear this one with soft colored clothing or other dainty jewelry pieces.

Fossil Pink Leather Strap– This watch is SUPER OLD! I got this probably 10 years ago as a gift and I have no idea where to find something similar. I always thought it was so cute, but I had kind of forgotten about it, so I never wear this one either. But it’s really cute & I’m glad I have it just in case.

Kim Rogers Women’s Rose Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch ($21)–here This one was one I got to match anything rose gold that I might buy, but I don’t really have anything else in rose gold so I  NEVER wear this watch. It’s nice to keep around just in case I want to wear it, but I never do.

I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend. We got the most snow here in Kentucky than we’ve had in like 17 years or so. Most people were stuck in their houses for several days so it’s been kind of rough. People in KY are NOT prepared for this kind of weather! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in forever, but I have so many OOTD posts prepared for you, but it’s too cold & messy to go outside & snap pictures. I’m hoping the snow will go away soon so I can get some pictures soon! But I worked last night on getting some different posts together for you, so hopefully *fingers crossed* there will be a new post everyday this week. 🙂 Happy Monday!


6 thoughts on “Watch Collection

  1. I love the white fossil watch you have. That would go with everything I wear I dress very casually and wear a lot of silver bracelets. I am currently wearing a rose gold fossil watch but have worn it to death now and need another. I’m going to see if I can find the white one online. Love your collection. I have had a bad experience with Michael kors so tend to stick with fossil or relic.


    • Thanks for checking out the post! I used to love the white one too when I wore all kinds of silver jewelry. I got super into gold jewelry and watches. I enjoy Fossil watches as well as Michael Kors. I bet your rose gold one is pretty! Hope you can find another one you love!


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