NYX Cosmetics Haul

So it had basically been forever & a day since I had purchased anything from Ulta, but I was really interested in trying some new NYX Cosmetics stuff that I had been seeing. I purchased several things & it was basically all new stuff I had never tried before. I’ve had it all for a few days so I’ve been trying it out. I’ll do a little mini review with everything I list. Let me know if you’ve tried any of this & what you think about it! Also, let me know your favorite NYX product & maybe I can try it out next. 🙂

Highlight & Contour Pro Palette ($24.99)– I was hoping this would be comparable to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette. I’ve never tried that one before, but I’ve enjoyed this one so far. It’s got 4 contour/bronzing shades, a couple of shimmery highlighter shades, and also a couple of matte light shades. I will say that these are pretty pigmented because the first time I used it I barely dipped my brush into the color & when I put it on my face it was SO dark! So be very careful with these! This product is a lot pricier than most NYX products, but this is a great little palette from what I can tell so far so I think it’s worth it.

Soft Matte Lip Creams in “Milan” & “Transylvania” ($5.99 each)– I have a couple of these matte lip creams in other shades, but I decided to pick these 2 up to add to my collection. The Milan shade is just a really pretty pink and the Transylvania shade is a really dark purple (almost could look black) shade. Obviously the Milan shade is going to be more wearable for most people, but I thought the Transylvania shade was fun! These are great lip products & last for a long time. I love them & you can’t beat the price! The only negative thing I will say about Transylvania is that it’s kind of patchy, it didn’t act like it wanted to go on smoothly so I had to use MAC “Nightmoth” lip liner underneath just to make the color look decent. The lip swatch is not that great,  but hopefully you get a good enough idea of the color.


Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand ($4.99)– I got this because I had seen people raving about it on YouTube for a while, so I thought I should check it out for myself. I got it in the shade “Fair” because I wanted to use it for highlighting purposes. It seems to be a good product so far, but nothing special in my opinion. It’s cheap & works pretty well so it’s worth it, but not sure if I’ll repurchase it or not. I just need to keep playing around with it.

Mineral Stick Foundation ($9.99)– The reason I got this was because I wanted to try & use it as a cream contour, but I got too light of a shade, so I’m kind of just stuck with it. I think this would be too drying on my skin to use as an all over foundation, but it might be nice to use for touch-ups. I think I would really like this if I would have gotten the correct shade, but I’m still going to try & make this work. (The shade I got is Cool Tan by the way).

Eyebrow Gel in “Brunette” ($6.99)– I like this product, but I think the color is too dark to look natural for my brows. I think it’s a great product & would maybe be better if I got a lighter shade, but I’m not sure I can make it work for me (although I will keep trying). It literally does not go ANYWHERE once it sets so you don’t have to worry about it smearing or smudging throughout the day at all. Let me know if you have this product & how you like to use it.




11 thoughts on “NYX Cosmetics Haul

    • Thanks so much! & to tell you the truth, it wasn’t patchy the first time I wore it, but when I swatched it for this post it was pretty bad. But it really is a lovely color. Thanks for reading!! Xo


    • Thanks so much girl! & yeah, the palette is pretty good! Some colors are a little dark for me so you REALLY have to blend them in to make them look natural, but I think it’s probably a good dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette! Thanks for reading! 🙂 xo


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