Hair Care Routine

Hey guys! I thought it might be fun to do a little hair care routine for you! It’s not like I think I have amazingly beautiful hair or anything, but I always think it’s interesting to read posts like this or watch YouTube videos & I almost always find products I feel like I need to try lol. This is just all of the products I use from the shower to finishing everything off after it’s styled.

I wash my hair probably 3 times a week, just depending on how dirty I feel like it is. I do NOT wash my hair everyday. Period. I like to skip about 2 days before I wash it again, but when I curl my hair I use a lot more products and they start to build up, so I might have to wash it every other day when that happens. But for the most part, I like to wait as long as I possibly can before I wash it. I know you’re probably thinking that’s gross, but it’s honestly not that bad! I get pretty greasy hair easily and I really don’t have any problems skipping a couple of days. I use an awesome dry shampoo and that always takes care of the problem! I will never use anything but the Batiste Dry Shampoo & they have tons of scents & even a line for different hair colors, which is what I use.


My hair is colored so in the shower I use the Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner. I’ve not noticed anything significantly amazing from using these products on my hair. I don’t have a holy grail shampoo & conditioner or anything, I just kind of use whatever works.

Twice a week I will use the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque instead of the Redken Conditioner just to give my hair a little extra hydration. I’ve not been doing this very long, but I’m hoping it will really help my hair to be a lot healthier & not so dry. You can see that the masque is very thick & it makes my hair so incredibly soft after I use it. But it warns you not to use it more than twice a week, so definitely don’t overdo it.

After Shower:

So no matter how I’m going to style my hair I ALWAYS use my It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product to help detangle my hair and it’s got 9 other things it helps to do as well lol. It’s also a heat protectant, so that’s a plus too. I use this & then comb out my hair and let my hair air dry a little bit. I’m not sure if this really makes a huge difference on my hair or not, but when I run out of it & don’t have it for a while I can tell that my hair misses it lol. *I couldn’t link this because as far as I know you can get it at hair salons or Ulta in store.*

I recently started using the Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray and it’s really nice. It smells great which is always a plus. I spray this a few times all over my head & comb it out. It’s also a heat protectant as well so it’s great to use right before you dry your hair.

I also use the Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Daily Leave-In Tonic right before I use the blow dryer. I only do a couple of spritzes of this on the very ends of my hair though as it can tend to look greasy if it gets too close to my roots.

Styling Products

If I’m going to curl my hair, I will put in this Elastic Curl Mousse from L’Oreal while my hair is damp (not soaking wet) & scrunch it around before I blow dry it. I’m not really that particular about  mousses but I really like this one.

I also put in this L’Oreal Tousle Waves Spray when my hair is damp just after the mousse to help with the waves/curls a little more. This also helps give a wavier look to my hair which is nice for when I curl it.

I didn’t take a picture of my hair tools, but I just have a 1-inch curling iron & I usually just like to use it as a wand instead of an iron. I just twist the hair around the barrel instead of using the clamp. I mostly go away from my face, but like to alternate a few pieces so it doesn’t look so “perfect” for the most part.

However I’ve fixed my hair (curled or straightened) I will use this Garnier Texture Tease Dry Touch Finish Spray to help give it a little texture & not be so “uniform” because I like my hair a little messy most of the time. I really like this spray –especially when I’ve curled my hair– just because it really makes the curls or waves look a lot better in my opinion.

Occasional Products

I also have this Garnier Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk to help tame any frizzy pieces or fly-aways. I’m not really big on this product though. I keep using it because I don’t to waste it & I want to try to make it work, but it just doesn’t seem like it helps. I use just a tiny amount on my fingers & rub them through my hair. I’ll take a little dab more & just try to lay down my frizzy pieces but it doesn’t stay too well. I’m not really sure I would recommend this product.

I sometimes use this paste after I’ve curled my hair if I want a piecey look & extra texture. This is something I just rarely do, but sometimes I want a messier look than what that texture spray can give me & this just kind of seals the deal.

Let me know what your holy grail hair products are so I can try them out! Happy Friday Friends! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hair Care Routine

    • Aw glad you found some stuff you want to try Morgan! You’ll have to let me know if you pick anything up & if you like it or not! Thanks for reading! 🙂 xo


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