Skincare 101: Skin Types

I’ve decided to do a little 7-part series all about skincare! I’m sure most of you that read this blog probably know just as much (or more) than me about skincare, but for those of you who don’t know much, this might help you out! Today’s post is just going to be a quick one about different skin types.

For people who don’t care much about skincare or research it or anything you probably don’t know what your skin type is, but it’s really important that you do! If you don’t know your skin type you won’t know what type of skincare products to use, what type of foundations to use, etc.

Dry: If you have a dry skin type then your skin will almost always feel tight or have dry patches. I definitely fit into this category. My skin is dry ALL. THE. TIME. Even in the summertime my skin is dry. I have to use a really good moisturizer & spritz my face with water sometimes just to give it extra moisture. I hardly ever powder my face and you won’t want to either unless it’s the tiniest bit.

Normal: If you have a “normal” skin type then your skin is not really dry or oily. It’s basically just the way it needs to be. You could really use just about anything on your face and it would work for you.

Combination: If you have a combination skin type then that means your skin is dry & oily. You’ll be dry most likely on your cheeks, but oily in your “t zone” which consists of your forehead, nose, and chin. You’ll want to powder only your “t zone” to keep it from looking shiny throughout the day, but you’ll want to keep your cheeks hydrated.

Oily: If your skin is oily then you are basically just greasy all over. You probably have trouble with your pores & blemishes. People will oily skin tend to have more breakouts & larger pores. It’s imperative that you really take care of your skin & use products that are oil free & non-comedogenic (which helps with the acne part). When you wear makeup you will have to powder a lot throughout the day to keep the shine & grease at bay.

Sensitive: If you have a sensitive skin type then a lot of products won’t work for you. You will definitely have to find things that are fragrance free with really good ingredients. It’s probably going to be trial & error as far as knowing which products you can use that won’t break you out. You need to find as natural of products as possible so that you aren’t putting a lot of harmful ingredients on your skin.

Once I post the rest of my series you will understand why it’s important to use products designed for your skin type and what those products are. I’ll let you know what you should be looking for when you go shopping. I just wanted to get the basic skin type information out to you and it will all be explained much better as I go on with my series.

Come back next Tuesday (March 24th) to learn all about cleansers!


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