*Major Spring Haul* + Try On

Hey guys! So I had told myself I was going to do better about shopping in the next few months, but let’s be honest… I don’t have hardly any spring clothes! I love fall/winter so my closet is full of sweaters & warm tops. I decided to do a little spring shopping just to give myself a few options. If you’re like me & have a lot of sweaters don’t worry because if they are brightly colored they can still pair up perfectly for spring. Keep an eye out for a post I’m going to be doing where I show you how to transition your closet for the new season! Hope you guys enjoy this and have a Happy Monday! 🙂

*please don’t mind how wrinkled everything is lol.*

Old Navy

I absolutely love the Old Navy Pixie Pants! I’ve got 3 pairs currently, but I ordered 4 more pairs as well. All of the ones I already had are basically black with different patterns, so I needed a little color to spice things up for spring.

I got 3 pairs of the pixie ankle pants in cobalt blue, apple guava, and multi floral. If you’ve followed along with my blog since I basically started last July, then you’ve probably seen my post where I paired up blue with yellow (you can check it out here). I love the combination of yellow with a cobalt/royal blue. You’ll see later in the post the yellow top I got from Express & I already have plans to pair it with my cobalt blue pants. I’ll definitely be doing a post on that! I also can’t wait to style the other 2 pants as well! They are perfect for spring!

The other pair of pants I got were the long pixie pants in navy. These aren’t necessarily “springy” on their own but I love to pair navy with pink or mint so I can definitely make them work.

I just got 2 tops & a blazer. I got a cobalt blue (because I’m obsessed) and a coral shade. I’m thinking the coral shade will look perfect with the floral pants I got. The blazer is just black & white striped, so very basic, but like the navy pants, I can pair it with colorful tops & make it work for spring as well.

Last, but not least, I got 2 dresses from Old Navy as well. I’m not usually a “dress person” except for church outfits, but I thought these were super cute for spring & would look great for work or just going out for a day. This navy floral one is definitely my favorite, but the pink & white striped one is cute too! I’ll do a post when I style these so you can see what I came up with.


I also got 2 dresses from Belk as well. They are both basically the same dress, just with different colors & a different pattern. I will probably wear one for Easter. I think both of these are perfect for spring/summer because they are just really cute & easy to style. One has cream lace while the other has navy lace.


I got 2 bright Portofino shirts from Express as well. I love those tops from Express & have several of them. They’ve got 23 shades & a lot of them are perfect for spring! As I mentioned before, I can’t wait to pair this yellow one with the cobalt pants. The coral top is also perfect for spring as well.


I got 5 tops from H&M & they are all basically the same thing lol. I bought 5 white/cream looking tops that are lacey & gorgeous for spring! I can’t wait to pair these with some cuffed jeans & flats or some of my bright pants for a pretty look.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Forever 21

I got 2 tops from Forever 21 that are along the lines of being lacey too. It’s a pretty blush color & will look gorgeous with shorts for spring.


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