Spring Nail Polish Favorites

This is another post I did for fall & thought it would be helpful to do for spring as well. Technically all of these colors are perfect for spring AND summer because they are bright & colorful. Let me know your favorites down below!

1. Essie Bikini So Teeny — This color is a really pretty blue color.. It looks especially great when you have a nice tan.

2. Essie Cute As A Button  — This color is just a really nice pink that is perfect for the warm weather.

3. Essie Mohjito Madness — This is a gorgeous dark green color! I don’t wear this one as often but it’s still a really nice color if you like green!

4. Essie Boom Boom Room — This is your typical neon pink that’s perfect for those warm months. It’s one of those colors that looks great with a tan too.

5. Maybelline Lust for Lilac — This is probably my favorite color out of them all. I think this one is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a nice bright purple & looks great on the nails.

6. Maybelline Hibiscus Haven — This is a nice, medium pink shade that is kind of softer. It’s not really a bright color, but any kind of pink shade is nice for warmer weather!

7. Maybelline Iced Queen — This is another purple, but it’s kind of dark, but still nice for spring.

8. Maybelline Pink Shock — This is your basic hot pink shade. Anything hot pink is gonna look fabulous for spring! This is one of those colors you just automatically think of when you picture spring!

9. Maybelline Green With Envy — This is the perfect mint green! I love mint green anything so this is always one of my favorites!

10. Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac — This one is another favorite! It’s definitely a lilac shade & it’s so bright! It’s a stunning shade & looks so pretty on your nails.


3 thoughts on “Spring Nail Polish Favorites

    • Haha well this isn’t nearly all of my collection — just the ones perfect for spring! But in all honesty, I don’t paint my nails much because I am absolutely horrible at it lol. Thanks for reading! 🙂 xo


  1. Great post! I love every single one of the Essie polishes you showed ❤ ❤ Especially the green, it's not one I would have bought for myself but it looks so great! Definitely going to have to pick that up. We've done a Spring Nail Polish post on our blog too, please check it out if you get the chance 🙂 xoxo http://beautifulbedlamblog.com/?p=563


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