Skincare 101: Toners

Today’s lesson is all about toners. This is a step that a lot of people feel like they can skip, but it’s one I find really important for myself personally. A lot of times after I cleanse my skin, I just feel like I need a little something extra & using a toner always does the trick. I almost always find leftover makeup on the cotton pad & then I am confident that my face is completely clean before I go to bed.

I’m not saying toner is the all important step in your skincare routine — because if you’re going to skip a step this should be it, but you can get many benefits if you are using the right kind. You definitely need to check the ingredients out & make sure you aren’t using anything with alcohol or anything that’s overly fragranced because that will just irritate your skin instead of help take care of it.

People with acne prone skin need to find toners that have salicylic & glycolic acids. People with dry skin need to find toners with aloe and Vitamin E so that they are moisturizing. People with sensitive skin need to find toners with anti-inflammatory ingredients. People with mature skin or people worried about aging need to find toners that have retinoids in them to help with anti-aging.

Using toner is a step that isn’t talked about as much as cleansing or moisturizing, but as I said, it’s important in my routine & you might find that if you add it to yours, it would important for you too.

It literally takes about 10 seconds to pour the toner on a cotton pad & rub it across your face. My skin just feels so much cleaner when I do this step. Also, in the mornings if I’m in a hurry I will just put toner on my face instead of going through the trouble of cleansing. My face is clean because I’ve gotten the dirt & oils that built up overnight off and I’m ready for my moisturizing products after that.

Toners can tend to be drying, but I always use moisturizer after this step so it doesn’t matter much to me. This step is cool & refreshing for your skin. This step is honestly better for people with really oily skin or acne prone skin. The toner will help “dry up” the oily spots on your face and will also help with acne as well. It cleanses your pores & toners are always said to restore your skin’s pH balance too.

If you don’t currently use a toner I would not recommend going out & buying an expensive one, but you could pick up one at the drugstore & try out to see if you can tell a difference in your skin & want to add it to your routine.


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