Skincare 101: Moisturizers

This is another one of the most important steps in a skincare routine that everyone should be doing. If you want to skip exfoliators & toners then that’s up to you, but please don’t skip using a moisturizer! Most people think moisturizing your skin is only for people who have dry skin, but that is completely false! People with oily skin should definitely be using a moisturizer as well.

People with dry skin should gravitate more towards heavier moisturizers so they can make sure their skin is hydrated enough. I’ve used a ton of moisturizers and found several that I really enjoyed but I usually just try different ones rather than repurchase. A thicker lotion is really nice for people with dry skin because it really does a good job of making your skin feel plump and hydrated. Look for ones that say “intense” or say that they are specifically for people with dry skin. A lot of products for dry skin also have anti aging properties so you are getting even more benefits if you use a moisturizer like that.

People with oily skin should gravitate towards moisturizers that are specifically for oily skin, have the words “oil free” or “light” in the name, or are gel formulas. These types of moisturizers are not heavy & will not over hydrate your face. As I said before, people with oily skin think they don’t need to moisturize their face because it’s already greasy, but everyone needs hydration. You just need to use different formulas than dry skinned people. Keep your face plump & hydrated will only help you out in the long run with how your face looks as you get older.

As with everything else, people with sensitive skin need to use products that don’t have many ingredients and are fragrance free. You need to keep your products as simple as possible so that you are going to be breaking your skin out or using things that will make it red. People with sensitive skin have to be very careful about what they can use. Usually you should lean towards brands that use natural ingredients. It’s really just trial & error as far as figuring out what will make your skin react or not.


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