Rocksbox – Box #1

Hi guys! Most of you have probably heard of Rocksbox, but if not, I’m going to tell you today how it works. I had been seeing EVERYONE on Instagram with this beautiful jewelry & then I learned more about it. I used someone’s code to get a month free (I have one for you too). This is like a subscription service — sort of like Netflix. You go online to the website and answer some questions about the kind of jewelry you prefer, then you get your box in the mail a few days later. You wear the jewelry for as long as you want & even have the option to purchase it at a 20% discount if you find something you really love. When you get tired of that jewelry you send your box back (you get a packing envelope with the purchase) and they will send you your next one. The cost is $19 a month and you get 3 pieces each month.

I’ve had my first box since February & finally sent it back Wednesday. If you’re interested in trying this out for a month for free then leave your email down below so I can send you the link.

The dainty necklace is the Gorjana Knox Pave Bar Necklace. This one was my absolute favorite (& honestly the only one I wore the whole time I had this box). I loved how delicate it was & it went perfectly with everything. I really considered buying this one, but I didn’t. The cost of this necklace is $70, but with your 20% discount you could buy it for $56.

The bangle is the House of Harlow 1960 Braided Pave Bangle in Black. I really liked this bangle, but my wrists are tiny & there was no way this baby was staying on. I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to wear this one. The cost is $78, but with your discount you could get it for $62.

The statement necklace is the Urban Gem Vienna Crystal Necklace in Gold. I didn’t wear this necklace one time and I honestly have no idea why. I think it’s pretty & it would have looked nice with a lot of different outfits, but for some reason I just never wore it. This one is $70, but $56 with your discount.

The “Shine” necklace was a free gift from Rocksbox (which was really nice)! I really like this necklace too and get a lot of wear out of it. It’s really simple & easy to style.

*Like I said before, if you are interested in trying a free month of Rocksbox leave me your email and I’ll send you the link & my code. You don’t have to continue a subscription if you don’t like the free month, you can cancel at anytime before you would be charged.*


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